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A Premium Dark Roast For Coffee Lovers

King Kong Coffee brings the best dark roasted coffee bean blends to Australia. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s dark, but it’s balanced. We’ve had other dark roasts and they’re good, but not good enough. We’ve had dark coffee that just pushes strength but sacrifices flavour. We’ve tried dark coffee that pushes its roast too far and becomes nothing but bitter.

That’s why we made our own. Our dark coffee blends balance flavour, colour, and strength without sacrifice. We’re not extreme, we’re just damn good coffee. Coffee that can be drunk throughout the day whether you want one cup or eight.

We know this because we roast our coffee for us. We like our dark flavourful coffee. And you’ll like it too.

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We’re nothing without our reputation.

Our dark roasted coffee is good. We know that, we’ve tried it. Since coffee can’t talk, we’ll let our customers tell you what they think. They like it too.

And it’s not just our coffee that impresses people. If you’re ordering something online you want it to be delivered when you’re told it will be delivered and you want it to be the right thing. If there’s one thing we do better than coffee it’s customer service. Order today to experience both.

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