Our Coffee Story

King Kong Coffee was started by two guys who were looking for a better dark roast.

One, a mad scientist, had experience roasting coffee and thought he could do better. He was already creating some mind blowing coffee blends but wanted to look bigger and bolder, but didn’t want to sacrifice everything else that makes the perfect cup of coffee.

The other knew a thing or two about making websites and all that digital stuff. Being a digital guy, he drinks plenty of coffee to keep moving. He was glad to try the different blends as they got developed. 

Both wanted a flavourful coffee to enjoy at home, at work, or while enjoying the outdoors. So they made it.

We started with two blends. Our first blend, the Trailblazer Dark Coffee Blend, a bold roast that leverages the natural sweetness in coffee beans. This dark coffee blend has candy and cola flavours and is great on its own served black. We didn’t stop there. We went ahead and developed the Rambler Dark Coffee Blend. This dark coffee blend brings chocolate and fudge notes and just the overall goodness of coffee. We like this coffee black but it also works well with milk.

Both coffee blends aim to have big and bold flavours without being overpowering. Because of that we created our slogan: Big. Bold. Balanced. This is what we aim to do with all of our coffee; just make it enjoyable to drink all the time, wow you with every sip, but not go crazy. We reckon we hit it just right.

From here we expanded into a decaf blend, the Nomad Dark Decaf Blend. This is another smooth coffee blend with great flavours, just with the caffeine cut out.

In the future we’d like to offer other blends. These things take time, however; we don’t want to cut corners and come out too soon.

Until then we’ll keep roasting and drinking coffee.