Coffee Subscriptions

Feel free to subscribe to any of our dark coffee roasts and cancel or change any time. Really, cancel or change any time. Just send us an email, say what you want to do, and we’ll process it as quickly as possible.

If you have any specific questions about our coffee subscriptions, see below.

Am I locked in if I subscribe to coffee delivery?

Not at all.

If you would like to cancel, change, upgrade, downgrade, or just take a break from your coffee subscription, get in touch via our contact page. Once we receive your email we’ll make the change.

Just be aware that we can not cancel or change your subscription retroactively. This means that if we’ve already charged you and sent off your coffee we can’t refund you. But the change will take affect going forward.

Seriously though, do you charge a cancellation fee or anything like that?


Just get in touch and we’ll process the change with no additional charges.

If you’re cancelling or downgrading we’ll process the change and then ask why you decided to cancel, but you can ignore that email you want.

How often do you send out coffee on subscription?

You can choose to have coffee sent to you anywhere from weekly to every six weeks, and everywhere in between. Just select what you’d like when you order.

If you realise you aren’t getting coffee enough just send us and email and we can change it. If you’re getting too much coffee, send us an email and we’ll change it.

Is there a discount for subscribing?

Yep. We give a 15% discount for subscribing.

How do I subscribe?

Just go to our coffee ordering page and click on the blend you’d like to subscribe to.

After selecting your preferred grind and size you’ll see a tick box that asks if you would like to subscribe. Tick the box then select how often you’d like to get coffee sent to you.

Add that to your cart and check out as normal.