How To Brew A Great Cup Of Coffee

If you buy specialty coffee beans you want make sure you brew your coffee to the highest possible standards. Whether you’re using an espresso machine at home or a simple plunger, it’s important to make sure you get the best out of your brew.

Our coffee beans are good; we stand by that. So if you’re using King Kong Coffee beans, make sure you’re using them right.

Use Enough Coffee

How much coffee you should use to brew will depend on your brewing equipment. This can vary by brand and personal preference, but there’s a few rough rules to think about.

  • Plunger, drip, etc.: about 60 grams of coffee beans per litre
  • Espresso, Aeropress, etc.: about 10-20 grams of coffee per shot

Longer shots, stronger coffee, or just preference will change this of course, but the above is good guidance. If you’re not using enough ground coffee to brew you won’t get a full, robust flavour.

Coffee grinder with a bag of King Kong CoffeeSelect The Appropriate Grind

When you order coffee from us you can select how you would like it to be ground, or of course select whole bean. Depending on what coffee making equipment you have at home will depend on how coarse a grind you need.

If you’re grinding at home, make sure to grind right:

  • Espresso machine: fine grind
  • Aeropress: medium-fine grind
  • Pour over: medium grind
  • Drip coffee: medium-coarse grind
  • French press: coarse grind

Going too fine or too coarse on your grind will result in less than optimal coffee. So grind right!

Keep Water Temperature In Mind

When making coffee at home, a lot of people will simply boil some water and combine it with ground coffee beans. While this is easy and simple it may not be the best way to treat your beans!

If you’ve just boiled the water and it’s still close to 100 degrees you may burn your beans and bring out off flavours.

For best results aim for your water to be about 90-95 degrees before you go and brew your coffee.

Brew Your Coffee For Long Enough

Yes, you want your coffee quickly. We all do. But a little patience will go a long way to making the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Automated and espresso machines: make sure you’re following the instructions with the machine to achieve optimal brewing.
  • Coffee plunger/French press: let it steep for about 4-5 minutes.
  • Aeropress: steep for about 30 seconds
  • Pour over: don’t just pour all the water in at once. Pour some, wait 30 seconds, then pour more.

Like everything else here, if you’re not letting your coffee brew for long enough you won’t get as much flavour out of your coffee beans and you won’t enjoy your cup of coffee as much.