Coffee For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to be ordering a gift for him. For the dad that already has everything, coffee makes a great gift.

Your dad probably has a daily routine that involves coffee. Maybe he gets up, exercises, then catches up the news while enjoying a cup of coffee. Maybe he likes to take a break from work in the afternoon to enjoy an espresso. Maybe he has coffee throughout the day. Either way, giving him some premium coffee beans to try won’t go unnoticed.

We have three coffee blends that you can get for dad, and you can select the grind so it suits how your dad makes his coffee. And of course you can just get him whole coffee beans.

Want to know more about the blends we have? Well, read on.

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer Dark Coffee BlendTrailblazer Coffee Blend package with tasting notes: butterscotch, candy, cherry cola is a wonderful blend, especially for those who like their coffee black.

This coffee blend leverages the natural sweetness of premium coffee beans to bring out candy and cola flavours. It’s smooth and of course delicious.

With beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea, this blend has depth and complexity that your dad will love.

The Rambler

The Rambler Darker Coffee BlendRambler Coffee Blend package with tasting notes: chocolate, fudge, goodness is full of chocolate and fudge notes. It’s great black or with milk and is a true all rounder.

Because of the high quality beans, this coffee blend is nice and smooth without bitterness. It’s made to be enjoyed.

The Rambler’s beans are sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala, so there’s lots to explore.

The Nomad

The Nomad Dark Decaf Coffee BlendNomad Decaf Coffee Blend package with tasting notes: sugar, spice, everything nice is for people who love coffee but want to avoid caffeine either all of some of the time.

Like our caffeinated blends, our decaf coffee blend has tons of flavour. Enjoy the notes of sugar and spices.

All the beans in the Nomad come from Mexico.