Free Double Dark Lucky Dip With Purchase

Coffee RoasterWe just got an exciting delivery to King Kong Coffee headquarters! A brand new coffee roaster. This thing is awesome and really steps up our ability to roast some of the finest blends of coffee out there.

That being said, we wanted to put it through its paces before using it to roast our usual blends. So what did we do? We played with blends and single origin beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia too see how dark we could go with our new machine.

It was a hell of a lot of fun playing with our new toy and even more fun tasting what came out of it, and now we have plenty of these experiments to share with customers!

How To Get A Free Kilo Of Our Double Dark Lucky Dip

Getting a free kilogram of our Double Dark experiments is easy. Simply:

  • Order two kilograms our your usual blend/blends of premium coffee
  • Use the coupon code Double-Dark at check out
  • We’ll include a free kilogram of our double dark in your order

See Terms and Conditions at the end of this post for the fine print.

It’s that easy!

Please keep in mind that while we stand by our coffee, these Double-Dark roasts are going to be a bit different than what you’re used to from King Kong Coffee: they’re less balanced than our usual style, but a lot of fun to try. And hey, if you like the Double Dark, let us know, we’re always looking to grow our offering.

Double Dark promotion terms and conditions:

  • Your purchase of two kilograms of one of our normal blends must be at full price with no other promotion involved.
  • The two kilograms of coffee you purchase may be of the same blend or two different blends.
  • The coupon code Double-Dark must be used to receive the free kilogram of coffee.
  • We’ve done a variety of roasts from a variety of different beans. The roast/beans you will receive will be chosen in a “lucky dip” style. This means we’ll grab at free bag at random.
  • Promotion is available until January 31 or until we’re out of Double-Dark, however please get in quickly as we are not roasting the Double Dark lucky dip to order as we usually do.