We’re Alive!

We’re live. We’re here. We’re bigger. We’re bolder. We’re balanced.

We’re King Kong Coffee.

After a bit of work getting our ducks in a row we’re ready to sell some coffee. For those who have been waiting, yeah, it took awhile. Are we sorry? Not really. You can’t rush perfection. And we’re here now. Better late than never, right? Not that we were late. This stuff just takes time.

Functional website – check.

Packaging to put coffee in – check.

Labels and all that – check.

Two bitchin’ dark roasted coffee blends – you know that’s a check.

We’re starting with two dark roasts (but it won’t end there of course). These blends were created to suit two different coffee drinking tastes.

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer is our dark coffee blend for those who take it black. Just pour it in a mug an enjoy it. In line with our core ethos, this coffee has plenty of flavour but it’s not overpowering. It’s not so strong that you won’t be able to sleep for a week. It’s just good coffee, plain and simple. 

With hints of butterscotch and cherry cola, this dark blend takes advantage of the natural sweetness found in specialty coffee beans. Don’t add sugar. Just drink the way nature made it: black. And that’s all.

The Rambler

The Rambler is our darker blend. If you like a little bit of milk in your coffee The Rambler is probably for you. It’s great black, sure, but we’ve concocted this one for milk. But hey, it tastes great black as well, so drink it how you like, we’re not your boss.

Chocolate flavours can be found throughout this blend making it the perfect morning treat or just for general sipping throughout the day. Nice and big in flavour and strength, it’s still balanced enough to enjoy whenever you want it.

Can’t Decide?

That’s not a problem. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll send you a voucher to get a free second bag blend on your first order. What this means is whichever blend you order we’ll throw in a bag of our other blend absolutely free.

To take advantage of this deal, just sign up to the newsletter and we’ll send you the coupon code.

Free coffee. Hell yeah.

Or just go ahead and subscribe

If you’re keen, go ahead and subscribe to either of our blends for regular delivery of awesome dark roasted coffee. Get coffee delivered to your door regularly (anywhere between weekly and every six weeks) and we’ll knock 15% off every order.

And before you ask: yes, you can cancel your subscription any time, upgrade, downgrade, pause, change your mind, switch your address, change your credit card number, or send the coffee to your best friend instead at no additional charges.

A full explanation of our subscription packages can be found here.

Anyway, Welcome

Welcome. We’re excited to have you as our newest customer. We look forward to sharing our coffee with you whether you drink five cups a day or just treat yourself now and then.

So go ahead and order some coffee. We’ll package it up and send it to your door anywhere in Australia. We’re sure you’ll love it.