We’ve Got Decaf Coffee!

We have an exciting addition to our dark coffee blends, decaf!

Fans are well aware that we launched with two caffeinated blends: The Trailblazer and the Rambler. Both are dark roasted blends with tons of flavour but well balanced. We’ve now added to our arsenal: The Nomad Decaf Coffee Blend.

Nomad Decaf Coffee Blend package with tasting notes: sugar, spice, everything niceThe Nomad Decaf Blend is the perfect coffee for those who may need to avoid or simply don’t want to have caffeine. Whether you want a great tasting coffee later in the day, you’re sensitive to caffeine, or you’re just trying to avoid it, The Nomad has you covered.

Like our other blends, The Nomad is roasted nice and dark and has plenty of big, bold flavours to enjoy. With two different coffee beans from Mexico, our decaf coffee blend features the natural sweetness and spiciness of high quality specialty coffee beans; that’s why the tasting notes say “sugar, spice, and everything nice!”

All that being said, also like our other blends, we’ve balanced out our decaf so it’s not overpowering. Just damn good coffee that can be enjoyed on its own or with some milk. Just drink it how you like it.

Prefer A Bold Coffee With A Caffeine Kick?

We’ve got you covered there too. If you haven’t tried one of our other dark coffees, give them a go. They are both flavourful and extremely fun.

The Trailblazer Dark Roast Coffee is a dark roast with natural sweetness and candy elements while The Rambler Dark Roast Coffee is even darker with chocolate and fudge flavours.

Or why not get a few? Then you have all your bases covered.