When We Like To Drink Coffee

Coffee. The perfect beverage for any time of day. We drink a lot of coffee for a lot of different reasons.

We’re going to skip the usual “to wake up in the morning.” That’s been done. Of course we here at King Kong Coffee will have a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. We all do. But that’s the first of many cups of coffee we have throughout the day.

King Kong Coffee currently has three dark coffee blends. Two dark caffeinated blends and a dark decaf blend. All have unique bold flavours that are a lot of fun to drink, and equally as fun to change up.

So when, other than to wake up in the morning, do we like to enjoy a cup of coffee?

After A Big Meal

This one is probably just as obvious as having a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up. Coffee after a big meal is a nice way to relax and keep the evening going. It also helps prevent the usual lethargy after eating a lot.

The caffeine can help speed up digestion. It’s not a secret to weight loss, but hey, it might help!

Some people don’t like to have coffee too late, but that’s why God invented decaf.

During Work

Maybe this is kind of boring, but enjoying some coffee while working or as an excuse to take break.

We roast coffee, that’s no secret, so it’s no surprise that most of us have a cup going throughout the day. Having something to sip on while working can help break up a task and help us push through the day.

Our Rambler Dark Coffee Blend is a good one to sip on throughout the day, but you really can’t go wrong.

When Out Fishing

Our coffee roastery is on the Mornington Peninsula, just near the coast, so a few of us like to fish. Fishing involves a lot of sitting and waiting, often early in the morning in the cold. A nice hot flask of coffee is a good companion to a day out fishing.

When Camping

Like fishing, camping can often involve a lot of sitting and relaxing, and when you’re sitting and relaxing a nice hot cup of coffee is usually in order.

Whether it’s a cold morning or just sitting around a camp fire, coffee is key. We start the day with it, have an outdoor adventure, then come back to relax with more coffee and enjoy the outdoors.

The Trailblazer Dark Coffee Blend is a good one for relaxing with. It’s great black or with milk.

There’s so much more, but we won’t list them all here. We’re obviously big coffee drinkers, so we usually have a cup going. These are just when we usually drink coffee, but really, we don’t need an excuse. Drink up.